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Monday, February 25, 2019

Indian famous pulav recipe

Fountain pen

India is famous for its variety of delicious

Tasty recipes…And about Indian food and recipes it is a wide topic to discuss. We are one of the prime producers of masala and herbs which plays a vital role in making the recipes delicious.Especially in non-veg recipes, we require a lot of masala and herbs and spices to make the dishes… spicy, tasty and mouthwatering food. As we get these masala spices fresh and original one in our country it makes our dishes more and more delicious and popular in the world of cuisines & food.

In them one of the food category in which we use spices

Masalas mandatorily which is very famous category in Indian recipes and that is Pulav recipes or you may call it as pulao recipes.The Pulav recipe a dish which is cooked or prepared all over India, It is just not like a regular dish belonging to a particular area and a particular state or particular community, it is prepared everywhere and you can easily get it in every Indian restaurants.Pulav recipes are mainly prepared with ingredient such as rice with lots of vegetables, chicken, mutton, and even seafood by adding with fresh and tasty spices…which makes these Pulav recipes wow and yummy kind of dish.

Pulav recipes mainly come in two categories

which can be classified as Vegetarian Pulav recipes Non-vegetarian Pulav recipes Pulav recipes are one such category of recipe which is loved by different category foodies like vegetarians, non-vegetarian and even vegan recipes lover can also prepare the Pulav recipes in a different way as it suits to vegan food.

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