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Monday, February 25, 2019

Alternative Medicine Articles

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There is an even more insidious problem with all these medications and drugs. They end up in the urine of the users, which ends up in our groundwater, and then in our water supply. Therefore, we are all, including our children and pregnant women, involuntarily getting these pain medications in our bodies as well. Could this also be a contributing factor to the dramatic rise in ADD/ADHD and autism? Studies have found these substances showing up in our water supply in major urban areas. So, this is not just speculation but is now becoming proven through environmental studies in several of the bigger cities in the USA.


Injections are standard medical practice and create their own problems. Most of the injections are steroids. We have all heard about the fungal meningitis caused by epidural steroid injections. In fact, fifty-five people died in 2012’s nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak linked to injections of tainted steroids.In addition, local injection of steroids creates its own tissue destruction leading ultimately to an increased risk of injury and further damage to the surrounding tissues. Injections are usually limited to one or 2 into the same location in a lifetime, because of these risks. At the most, injections give temporary relief in any event. Doctors are too cavalier in using these injections, because they don’t know about or don’t want to acknowledge that there are safer alternatives outside conventional medical approaches.


Procedures and surgeries are too often sought too quickly because people are desperate for a pain solution. They can often be dramatic and very beneficial, but the results are very unpredictable and too often lead to major complications that become permanent and potentially even more disabling. The problem with surgery, is one never can tell where the actual pain generator is in the tissue. So, it is common that the procedures do not result in any benefit, or if there is a benefit is short-lived before the pain returns.

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